Rasa Forms in Rasa 3.x

One of the most common conversation patterns is to collect a few pieces of information from a user in order to do something. For example, if you want to order a pizza on behalf of the user you'll need to know the size of the pizza the user wants as well as the toppings.

This process is also called slot filling. We're storing information in long-lived slots that serve as the memory of your assistant. You can collect slots in many ways in Rasa but forms are a recommended method of collecting this infromation.

What will we learn in this course?

We'll start by introducing custom actions and slots. Once these topics are reviewed we will move on by writing our first form. Once that's done we'll start building our own forms from scratch and we'll show how you might be able to customise them.

This course is designed with Rasa Open Source 3.0 in mind.


Before you start this course you need to make sure that Rasa is installed beforehand.

Windows Installation

MacOS Installation

Ubuntu Installation

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