The Need for Helm

Let's talk about the need for a tool like Helm.


You may have heard of pip. It's is a tool to install Python packages with their dependencies for your local Python environment. In a similar fashion you can think of helm as a tool to install Kubernetes deployments with all the dependencies ready. In pip you would install a package, in helm you would install a chart.

Where in python you may run;

python -m pip install rasa

You may use helm via a similar command.

helm install rasa-x/rasa-x

From a high level perspective, helm is very similar to pip in the sense that it is a tool to install packages. The difference is that helm will need to be customasible in order for it to be useful. As we'll see in the next video you'll need to install a helm chart with some values.

That means the actual install command will be more like;

helm install --namespace rasax --values values.yml rasa-x/rasa-x

Next steps.

In the next video, we'll start from scratch and install a Rasa X project on Kubernetes using Helm.


Try to answer the following questions to test your knowledge.

  1. What problems will helm solve for us that kubectl doesn't solve for us?

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