The Rasa Developer Certification

The Rasa Developer Certification exam is designed to provide a credential that shows that you are a Rasa developer who has an understanding of the Rasa framework and best practices in chatbot development. You can take it online for free here.

You can have two attempts to pass the test and up to an hour for each attempt. If you're interrupted, you can save your work and leave and that will pause the timer.

If you pass with at least a 85% accuracy, your certificate will be generated and can be immediately downloaded. Upon passing the exam, you can download your certificate to share or print immediately.

How to study

The best way to study for the certification exam is to build Rasa assistants. You can also check out our Conversational AI with Rasa videos on YouTube or use the learning goals below to guide your own study. You will be evaluated on each of these learning goals during the exam.

You should be able to:

  • Create a new assistant
  • Add a new response
  • Add a new intent
  • Add a new entity
  • Add a new slot
  • Add a new story
  • Add a form
  • Add FAQ's
  • Add a test story
  • Add a rule
  • Correctly use entities and intents

You should know:

  • The most commonly-used command line interface (CLI) commands
  • What files make up a Rasa assistant and what information is contained in each
  • What Rasa X is
  • What CDD is and why it's important
  • The differences between slots and entities
  • How and why to test your assistant
  • How to interpret model evaluation
  • What confidence means and what it's used for

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